You're right here, right now. That's good! But it's important that you came here with a purpose. We hope that the purpose is that you are interested in our project. If you are not interested, please leave... We do not want to hold you here...

The rest of all you guys are really welcome. This is the homepage for a project I started with a friend of mine. It's about controlling WinAmp via a network. There are more projects doing this, but none of the other projects is as advanced as AmpControl AND FREE!!! That's right, this program is however licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Feel free to contribute to it.

The 1.0b4 version you'll find on the project page is an old version and is no longer supported. Use at your own risk (not that there IS any risk)

We ask you to let us know about you're experiences with this program and suggestions. You can reach us:

The SFinX    Nexus